About Us

river350What the Refuge has to Offer:

1,865 acres of natural habitat
• Oak savanna
• Wetland (sedge meadow, shallow lake, seasonal basins)
• Native Tallgrass Prairie

Platte River Trail
• 3.6 miles, 2 viewing platforms, informational kiosk
• Hiking, cross country skiing
• Wildlife observation and photography

Habitat Day
• Learn about wildlife
• Meet neighbors and others involved in resource management and protection
• Build a nest box to benefit wildlife on your property
Partners for Wildlife Program
• Wetland restoration work on private lands
• Upland restoration work on private lands

Volunteer Program
• Assist with events
• Wildflower seed production

Land Stewardship
• Work with other agencies/organization within the county

Community Stewardship
• Work with groups/organizations to better our community